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A Move by Christmas?

Many people whose property is on the market now would ideally like to move by Christmas, yet only those who are prepared to price realistically to reflect the current market are likely to be successful.

Shock headlines that are designed to sell newspapers, such as ?House Price Crash Imminent? and ?Property Bubble to Burst?, whilst guilty of scare mongering, have had the effect of causing a false sense of insecurity amongst would-be purchasers, although a degree of immunity to tabloid headlines is setting in.

In this market, your choice of agent is paramount. If you are selling, then you need an agent who will not try to flatter you with promises of an ambitious price, nor try to woo you with a commission rate so low that he/she cannot provide a decent level of service. Whilst the market is in fact quite stable, buyers do have a choice. Buyers buy by comparison, and they will always buy the property that offers them the best value in relation to alternatives available nearby.

So don?t fall into the trap of assuming that because your property is slightly wider than the one on the market next door, or because it has better views or a bigger garden, that you should quote a higher asking price. By doing so, your price offsets these benefits. Likewise, if your house is similar to next door, then you should undercut their price if you are to achieve an early sale.

So if you are to sell this year, the rule of thumb for this market is to choose a strong, independent, locally-based agent, listen to their advice, and quote a competitive asking price.

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