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Benefits of Buying at the end of the Year

As the end of another year of frantic buying and selling approaches, a window of opportunity opens up for those property purchasers who refuse to let the winter months stand in their way. Similarly, if you are considering buying next Spring, there are good reasons to consider bringing the move forward if you can:

? Sellers might be more motivated as many will assume the winter months will otherwise be slow. They might also want to position themselves as strong buyers for a spring move by selling earlier in the year.

? This is a good month for house-hunters as autumn generally provides a good choice of properties from which to choose. Traditionally, there are fewer houses on the market during December and January.

? There is less likelihood of competition from other purchasers after the same house as you.

? Estate Agents are likely to have more time available to listen to your requirements, understand your needs, show you properties and help you select the right one in a comfortable timescale.

? It's easier to move on a day to suit you. Many removal companies are booked four to six weeks in advance during the busy summer months, but it's normally easier to secure their services, possibly at lower rates, during the winter. Likewise, local authority searches are sometimes returned faster at this time of year.

? What better time to enjoy your new home than Christmas and New Year, which is surely an ideal time for a housewarming party!

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