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Should We Extend?

The question when it comes to home improvements with a view to selling/letting is will the buyer/tenant see the benefit in these improvements and above all else will it add value to your property?

The National Association of Estate Agents (NAEA) advises that the following options may be lucrative….

 An extension
 New kitchen
 Loft conversion
 Off-road parking
 A conservatory
 An En-suite Bathroom

Kitchens and Bathrooms are often viewed as key rooms so it can be worth while paying attention to these areas as a priority.

However if your budget does not extend to the above there are many things you can do to increase your properties desirability for a smaller price tag…

First Impressions - make sure the front of the house looks fresh and tidy. Maybe a paint re-fresh , windows cleaned or a front garden tidy-up. Also think about de-cluttering/painting the hallway as this is the first room they see.
See your home objectively - you may love your green bathroom but would a neutral cream lighten things up a bit? De-clutter the house in general, especially childrens’ toys and equipment - be clever with your storage solutions

Above all there is little point in improving your property unless it significantly increases its saleability unless it is purely for your own benefit of course! Once it is improved will more people want to buy it? If so will they pay more for the property as result in order to cover and exceed your costs?

Other key questions to ask yourself in the decision making process are:
 Will it result in a practical balance of sleeping to living accommodation? i.e adding a loft conversion to a 2 bed cottage will extend your market to those looking for 3 bedrooms however a conservatory still confines you to the same market
 Will improvements result in your property being elevated into a different category of buyer?

The larger the pool of Buyers you can attract the higher the price your property can demand!

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