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Spring Cleaning Can Make A Difference

We know that a well-presented property can make or break the chances of an early sale, and whilst spring is generally the most popular time of year to make a move, it is also the obvious time for a spring clean.

Whilst cleaning and maintenance make a difference to the saleability of your property, the way in which you undertake them can also make a difference to our environment ? positive or negative. We hope it will be positive as you make choices regarding your property. Here are some alternative ideas:

? Always repair dripping taps promptly as they can waste 13 litres of water a day.
? Baking soda (75mls) in 200mls of vinegar is a powerful but environmentally friendly drain-cleaning solution, following a run of boiling water.
? Paint, oil and solvents can be particularly harmful. We waste 6.2 million litres of paint every year in the UK?so why not donate any leftovers to community projects?
? Only use washing machines/dishwashers when full. Avoid washing clothes at high temperatures, and turn the iron off as you reach your last item of clothing.
? Choose plants that don?t need much water, such as lavender, buddleia or wallflowers.
? Replace old light bulbs with energy efficient ones, and conventional batteries with rechargeables.
? Donate what you can to charity shops rather than filling up land-fill sites.
? Make the effort to use council recycling facilities for bottles, newspapers, etc.
? Making compost from your biodegradable waste is an easy and satisfying way of improving your garden soil.

You don?t have to become a card-carrying member of Greenpeace, but sometimes a simply awareness of environmental issues can play a small part in improving our environment for future generations.

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